Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We Have Our Own Brand Of Terrorism

Call me racist if you will, but I'm sick and tired of having members of the black community take advantage of an unfortunate situation to loot and burn and steal all under the guise of protest.  It's criminal and should be treated as such.

Oh, these poor misunderstood protesters.  Bull!  They should be arrested, charged accordingly and jailed.  Then they should be tried and if found guilty be sent off to jail once again.  If local jails are over crowded open up Gitmo.

If there are more blacks in jail than whites because of this well guess what, they're the ones committing the crimes!

What is happening in Baltimore has prompted more of the same back in Ferguson.  Those poor folks were just beginning to get it together again. This is nonsense and has to stop.

Remember that both Freddie Gray and Michael Brown were no saints.  Freddie had a record and we watched Michael stealing from the convenience store and roughing up the owner on surveillance tape in real time. Nice guys these two.

It isn't clear yet why Freddie had an injured spine that ultimately led to his death,  It was a horribly tragic death but does it justify the ruination of a city the size of Baltimore?  Or even Ferguson for that matter.

What ever happened to leadership?  When did it become acceptable to coddle the protesters causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage not to mention multiple injuries and maybe even another death?  

The fault lies with wishy washy leaders who are afraid of the very people they're supposed to be leading! It's disgraceful, disgusting and it has to change.

If it doesn't, we will have lost not only the respect of the world but have lowered ourselves to the lowest common denominator of civil behavior.  We will have no voice when others do the same and worse.

Under this administration I have watched this country come under attack from within.  Never mind ISIL.  Never mind they may actually have infiltrated our borders.  Our biggest fear stems from the behavior from our own citizens that continues to escalate.  Which town or city will be next? Which police department will be demonized next?

Yes.  Police officers make mistakes and the media is only too willing to jump on them.  When was the last time you heard some stories about the good police do?  Thugs are thugs, no matter their race and should be treated as such.

Getting our priorities straight when it comes to this type of behavior is long overdue.

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Word Tosser said...

Could not agree with you more.. what the heck is with burning your neighborhood have to do with what happen with the police and the individual? The police don't live in those stores the people go to? I don't understand it.. and at the risk of being called a racist.. Why is it the blacks are the only ones who do this? When there was a young man killed by the police that was an asian.. no orientals burnt the towns and stores? nor any other nationality. I just don't get it.. And these people are terrorist because they are terrorizing the rest of the towns.. And not all blacks are like that in the town.. Also makes one wonder.. of all that are looting etc.. really live in the area..