Monday, May 04, 2015

Good Time For A Vacation

Ah, yes.  Monday.  Another shooting of a black man by a cop, or so they say, in Baltimore.  There seems to be some confusion over the whole situation.  A black man was on gurney headed for a hospital never-the-less.

Oh, yes, I mustn't forget the police officer shot in Queens has died of his injuries by a black who has spent 5 years in prison. Where is the outrage?  Where are the defenders of the police? The protesters?  Well, I'm here shouting to myself that police lives matter too!

Muslims killed in Texas while trying to protest a contest of drawings of Mohammad.  Why anyone in their right mind would hold such a competition is beyond me.  Supposedly to show off our right to free speech.  How 'bout purposely igniting the ire of Muslims. Who the heck is the most guilty here?

Three more Republicans who have no chance have entered the Presidential sweepstakes and one socialist independent is going to make noises on the Democratic side. What fun. Meanwhile Bill is explaining why $500,000 per speech. He has expenses, don't you know. I wonder if Hillary will find trust while I'm away.

Kerry tried to take a selfie with an elephant.  Did you see that?  He failed miserably. I love the imagery though. Getting close to an elephant.  So close in fact you can't even tell what it is! Just like the nuclear deal with Iran is so close yet we can't tell what it is!  Only assure Israel we'll have inspectors all over the place even though Iran has said in no uncertain terms no inspectors will be allowed on military bases. Guess where all the nuclear activity is.  On their military bases.

So it's off to the remote canyons of the southwest again in search of ancient petroglyphs.  They speak to the journeys taken and the lives of the ancients.

They lived in great communities you know.  All built by hand, any timber used hauled unbelievable distances.  Bricks and stones stacked into remarkable structures many of which still stand as silent, majestic tribute to their lives.

I wonder what will stand as tribute to our great ingenuity.  Certainly not the ancient carvings ISIS is destroying in territory it has won because they were false gods. That isn't our history though.  What will be?

When living in Houston I remember visiting a replication of how a historical village might have looked.  A couple of English women were saying they couldn't understand Americans because we  destroy so much of what is our history. Certainly unlike the Brits.

Funny, we do.  Not always physically either.  At the moment we seem inclined to destroy everything our forefathers built from the Presidency on down. Will the buildings and monuments come next at the hands of "protesters"?

My, oh my. I wonder what the ancients would think. I wonder if they were like we are today or more like our founders. I can only speculate but from what is still visible of their civilization, I would guess the latter.

Later - in a week or so...

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