Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thank Heaven It's Early!

What, I've been home since Wednesday?  Where the heck is Hillary?  Her scandals are front and center but she sure isn't.  I'd like to assume too that the reason O'Malley and Webb have yet to annouce is because it's early.  If they even intend to.  What more, though, do they need to figure they just might have a reasonable chance?

As for the Republicans.  Wow.  They aren't doing anything for me either.  I know, it's all about how they can raise money and interact with their PACs.  What a way to run campaigns.  Never mind having a potential candidate just stand up and tell the truth about what he or she is for and let the rest of us make our choice.  It could be soooo easy except I don't think any of them know if the polls don't tell them.

That's a reason I have my doubts about 2016.  Instead of shoes dropping they're just being put on different feet.

The supposed shoo ins amaze me.  Hillary isn't talking and Jeb, when he does, seems to put his foot in his mouth then get cranky when he's called on it. Maybe they should just hang it up until, say, after the first of the year.  That makes for a plenty long campaign and we wouldn't have to be deciding how to interpret unending sound bites.

I guess if I'm going to continue to blog I'm going to have to look for something to yammer about other than politics for awhile.  Maybe the police/race issue but then again it's driven by politics. Deflate Gate?  It's not worth the typing time.

Oh well, maybe something worth commenting on will break over the week end.  In the meantime my yard is getting some well deserved attention.

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