Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Only One Raid?

I can't help but wonder why we haven't employed the skills of units like Delta Force more often.  If they can make a strike deep in Syria and take out a major ISIS leader and capture his wife and a servant I wonder why we couldn't have save those Americans who were beheaded.

We didn't have the intelligence.  So they say.  Who gave us the where abouts of the ISIS oil minister? And why is such intelligence so inconsistent. Could it be we don't have the necessary personnel in key places? And if not why not?

It's because we don't have a strategy, just piece meal operations.  It's no way to fight a war. But then we know that.

It just makes me wonder if we had done the things suggested by military and intelligence personnel at the outset of the escalation of unrest we could have stopped it and saved untold lives that were lost under horrible circumstances.  Like the young Jordanian pilot among many others who were burned alive or crucified or worse or beheaded. I get queasy just thinking about the suffering of those poor souls.

Now that ISIS is resurging and retaking territory lost it looks like the fighting, such as it is with the Iraqi forces in retreat, will continue and civilians will continue to bear the brunt of it.  If we had a President with an ounce of compassion he would do what is necessary to stop it as quickly as possible be it sending arms to those willing to fight or sending our troops if more force is necessary.

It will fall, however, to the next President.  The slaughter will continue and my queasiness will get worse.  I want it addressed in the campaign.  I want it laid out strategically as to how it will play out.
It's vital for not only the Middle East but for the world.

It's obvious no one else is ready for the leadership role. No one its to blame.  We happen to be the country with the most advanced military and capability. I think it's a crime against humanity we don't use it just as much as what ISIS is doing to those it captures.

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