Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dwindling Faith

So the Republicans have given the President the power he wants in the trade agreement. Well, so much for their concern about the little guys in this country.  They've stayed true to form paying homage to the Chamber of Commerce and the big corporations.

Back when the Republicans took over the Senate and kept the House I tried to have faith in the promises they made.  I really did, though neither Mitch McConnell nor John Boehner are exactly inspirational personalities.  Unfortunately my doubts won out over hope.

So where do we go from here?  I feel like the country is a ship without a rudder. None of the Republican candidates inspire me.  None of them.  Hillary scares me.  The first female President does not have to be Mrs. Clinton. I don't trust her motivation nor do I think she necessarily has the skill to govern. So where does that leave us?

We need a leader who catches our attention and inspires us.  But who?  Actually it could be a flamboyant Donald Trump. He loves to be the center of attention and knows how to play to it. None of the other candidates in either party have his flair. Nor do they have a set of policies that convince me they're the one.  At least no one is articulating them at this point.  Of course that's politics. Don't give the opposition anything to attack.  And leave us guessing.

I fear it will be based more on personality than skill and that gets us no where.  If it's personality who can compare to Trump?  Cruz? Huckabee?  Maybe except he and Cruz play too much to the evangelicals.  While their concerns are important and they are strong in the early primary states, they are not a reflection of the country as a whole.  Do we matter?  Can one of these candidates please them then shift to the rest of us?  Then we're faced with which side of the candidate to believe.  The one who is far left or right or the one who expeditiously has moved to the center?

A non-politician who doesn't care about the politics of it but cares deeply for the country as a whole and has the policies and leadership skills to carry them out would get my vote. We have three non-politicians running.  Ben Carson, Carly Florina and Donald Trump.

Is there any one else out there?  Please?

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