Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Thoughts On Gay Marriage And The Court

Now that Gays have the right to marry according to the Supreme Court it's time to put that part of the Gay agenda to rest.  There is no mention of what constitutes a marriage in the Constitution so in essence the Court has made law but it's not unprecedented.

Consider back in the days when it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry.  The Court also changed that. Hopefully somewhere within that decision they will be afforded the same rights as traditional married couples.

Hopefully too, those religions that vigorously disagree will not be forced into preforming marriages for same sex couples. The rights have to be a two way street with respect for truths on both sides.

Obviously I haven't read the decision.  I'm just "musing" about the subject..

Over the years I've found a number of friends who have gay family members and in my circle all have embraced them and their relationships. Why not? You would embrace them if you didn't know their preferences.

I'm sure the LGBT community has other issues that need resolving though I don't know what they are.  Perhaps, though, this Court decision will make it easier for them.

One last thing would make it a triumph for that community.  If somewhere along the line research would find the gene or lack thereof that controls one's sexuality.  That would eliminate the issue of deviancy.  I know from my own cousin who is gay that he knew it at a very early age.  At the age when a young man's fancy would turn to girls or girl's to boys. There was no deviancy - just difference.

You discover you aren't the same as your friends and instinct tells you to keep it to yourself.  That has changed a lot since I was that age.  More and more young people are "coming out" and being honest about their feelings. More importantly more and more families, friends and many in the broader community are accepting.

It will be nice when people no longer have to "come out".  You just are what you are.  It would also be nice if the narrow and traditional definition of marriage would change to encompass anyone who loves another and wants to share a commitment and a life.  A just God, it seems to me, would not frown on a spiritual bond either.

Considering attitudes are changing and acceptance is more wide spread it seems to me the Court has just eliminated the long slog toward equality.  I personally believe it was inevitable. Just let everyone live with love, commitment and happiness regardless of gender.

It shouldn't be political.  It should be just.  And now it is.  


Word Tosser said...

Right on..

marlu said...

Yes to all in this piece!!