Monday, July 20, 2015

Monumental Egos

Donald Trump and Barack Obama have one very disturbing trait in common.  They both are narcissists.  Every thing has to be about them.  Those who don't see it their way are totally insignificant.

The difference between that trait within each is how it manifests itself.  Obama is distant, aloof.  Trump can't keep from running off his mouth.

His disparagement of John McCain this past week end may have closed that mouth that roars.  Had he couched his statement by saying getting shot down doesn't make McCain a hero but what he did after capture certainly does, he might have gotten away with it. Alas, he didn't couch it at all.

One cannot continually back pedal and yet get ahead.  I don't think, but then I've been wrong before.  News cycles don't last all that long and soon Trump's error in judgement will be old news.  Think of all the fool hardy things said by others running for the presidency.  Can't think of any?  Point made.

As for egos in general, all politicians have them.  It's the nature of the beast.  Some just handle it better than others. Trump is likely to have hoisted himself on his own petard. But what about Hillary?  Look at the way she enters a stage.  The strut.  The smirk.  The air of entitlement. It's part of what makes her unattractive.  A little humility would be nice, but I don't believe it's in her genetic make up.  If anything she oozes the victim card with ridiculous regularity.

When I want to cry out,  "Where oh where is dull and boring," I can't help but remember how uninspiring those candidates are.  Where is the happy medium?  Strength and humility.  Enough ego to inspire confidence of leadership in others and wisdom to know one should also listen. There are a couple like that running but so far they aren't getting the press needed to move forward.

Sensationalism may sell, but for God's sake we're electing a President!  The media needs to get real too and give all the candidates coverage and let the voters decide, not themselves.

Again, it's not the nature of the beast.  It is one way to eliminate the less than worthy.  Cover the most egregious of faux pas and let them eliminate themselves.  It, of course, pays no attention to policy issues but then that's what the Internet is for isn't it?  You know the mantra.  "Go to our web site for more information."  Most people won't. So will we elect a president on the basis of which candidate has been able to avoid inflicting  or absorbing the most wounds to him or herself?

Well, it would figure.  We seem to be at war with everything but that which deserves it so mortal wounds to candidates might as well be part of the process.

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