Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mr. President, Don't Even Think It!

While speaking before the African Union President Obama patted himself on the back proclaiming that he's been a pretty good president.  He went on to say if he ran for a third term he expected he could win.

Other than being totally delusional it creates cause for worry.  As he continued with his self congratulations he explained that, alas, he could not run for a third term because the law doesn't allow it. And after all, the law is the law.

Have we heard that before?  Before, when he has changed written law on a whim, when he refuses to  enforce laws on the books, when he takes matters into his own hands whether or not he's in compliance with the Constitution?  Usually always prefaced by saying he couldn't because the law doesn't allow it.

I can't help  but wonder if this isn't one of those moments where he's testing the waters to see if he could possibly bypass law, Constitution and the wishes of the people to gain a third term. I hope not but his past history sure set the red flags a flyin'!

Don't even think it Mr. President.  Don't even think it.

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Betty said...

Oh, he's just having a good time poking fun at the Republicans. I wouldn't worry about him trying to change the Constitution and running for a third term. It would take longer than he has left in office to get that done. Let him have his fun.