Sunday, August 30, 2015

As The Establishment Squirms

One thing about traveling during the political silly season, you miss little if you miss a day or two of getting fresh news.  Nothing other than politics is covered and so far this season it has been pretty steady.

Hillary is dipping in the polls and Trump continues to dominate the Republicans. Upon catching up two things have caught my interest. Why in the love of country does anyone stick with Hillary? And why don't the Republicans and media get what Trump, Carson and Fiorina are all about?

I can't answer the first.  The second?  I think they are scared to death that one the three will actually get the nomination and politics will never again be the same.  Well, duh.  That's what the people want.  Someone who recognizes we exist and have needs that exceed their hunger for power and the benefits that come with it.

I would like to see a non-politician take on Congress.  If you thought Obama went wild with executive actions, can you imagine what a Trump would do?  And if it's with the consensus of the people rather than against it there will be such a ground swell of support Congress won't know which way to turn. Not that they do as is.

Politics as usual is on the brink and I couldn't be more happy. It's about time some people are stepping forward and saying damn the torpedoes - full speed ahead.  My ideal ticket is in flux but I like the way things are - and are not- progressing.

One question for the Dems and Hillary.  I heard it from a caller on Limbaugh while wiling away hours in the car - if she never sent nor received classified e-mails on her private server how did she get her briefings, intel, etc?  Was it only when she was in her office which was infrequent at best?

Ask it, main stream media.  Ask it.

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