Monday, August 10, 2015

Huff and Puff All You Want, Trump!

Trump can huff and puff and deny all he wants his implication about Megan Kelly.  I figure he protests too much and that once again, Carly Fiorina's assessment of what was said was spot on.

Crude men, and Trump is crude, often think women, during their time of the month, makes them irrational and thus can and should be dismissed.  Up yours, Donald.

Of course Trump immediately dismissed her. Like her losing the top job at Hewlett Packard was reason to dismiss her.  Any one who knows how the business world works at the executive level knows CEOs are often dismissed by petulant boards.

If you were a CEO and Trump an employee, how long would you keep him?

Fiorina also questioned whether Trump has the temperament to be President.  I think not.  That he tells it like it is in his opinion is great.  It's why people love him.  They love his candor.  He doesn't temper anything, however, and I think that will be his downfall.

Every time someone disagrees with him he tries to bluster his way out of it and if that fails he starts name calling and insults.  Somehow I don't imagine other world leaders will have any of it.

Mr. Trump is a narcissist much like Obama.  It's all about him.  We have one in the White House now.  We don't need another.

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marlu said...

Here is an opposing view to yours! No disrespect meant - just a free flow of ideas.