Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time for My Stats To Plummet Again!

There was a time my stats were really important to me.  Not so much any more.  I've found other things to do with my life.  But I still enjoy blogging and will continue to do so.  Especially throughout the campaigns.

So as I head off for some real down time I'll tell you what I'll be musing about politically.  Will Hillary bow out gracefully before things get much worse?  My guess - no.  She is beyond embarrassment and is the quintessence of victimhood.  It will be that right winged conspiracy that has haunted her since day one.

Will Trump maintain his poll standings?  For now for sure.  Who will gain ground?  I expect things to waffle for the rest of the summer unless someone other than Trump makes a huge gaffe. Will Carly gain?  Slowly I'm betting but probably not enough.  Trump will continue to over shadow her.

Who might be tempted to challenge Hillary other than the faceless field already out there?  Elizabeth Warren?  I don't know.  Someone suggested Mike Bloomberg. He's been a member of every party in the book.  If he gets in hang on to your sodas!

Ah, politics.  It would be funny if it weren't so serious.

To be continued a ways down the road...

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Word Tosser said...

Don't forget Bernie Sanders.... he has gather more people when he speaks than Hilary.. but don't know if he will ever be taken seriously enough.

On the Republican side the one that will come to the top will be.. the one who can control Trump and put the last nail in his campaign coffin... because if the others can't control Trump, how are they going to be able to deal with foreign country heads?