Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump Playing The Crowd

I was out running errands yesterday and listening to Trump in a press conference then a rally in New Hampshire.  I'm beginning to see why people so like him.  Other than giving kids rides in the Trump chopper.

He's so real and unscripted and he calls people stupid that the crowds also think are stupid.  Let's face it, not one candidate running, with the exception of Fiorina, have a clue how big business works.  Trump is explaining it to his audiences. Corporate big wigs are always playing both sides.  Trump admits he has because that's how the game is played.

Have you heard one other candidate admitting that they solicit campaign funds from those who they know aren't on their side?  And often get it just in case they win?

Trump may excoriate his competition but he sure knows how to play the crowd.  He came across as warm and approachable.  Seriously.  He did.  Not at all like he does with the talking heads - on any network.

One thing to consider before dismissing him as a flash in the pan is that he knows the players who actually run governments.  He's one of them.  Those are the people whose throats will be at his knife point, because they are the ones who dictate to their "leaders".  He can negotiate with them because he has the clout.  As President, boy would he have the clout.

He's not my first choice - yet, but I get the sense that he's beginning to take this quest seriously.  Small differences in his demeanor are becoming apparent.  Even his hair style is changing.  This is one interesting candidate!

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