Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An Aha! Moment

I watched the beginning of the Trump rally in Dallas until dinner was ready and found, to no surprise, a certain sameness to it.  That's okay.  All candidates have their stump speeches and if you don't follow politics to the extent I do they will be new to a certain percentage of rally attendees.

That being said, Trump's rarely contain substance.  That too is okay at this point. Whether or not he succeeds in the long run, though, will depend on substance in certain forums. Because certain forums haven't yet died.  The political pundits.

In that vein I also listen to the Washington insiders discussing the Trump phenomenon and their seeming inability to "get it".  I think I've figured out what they're missing.

People are so disgusted with Washington they want an outsider.  That's been the consensus and probably the correct one.  More than that I think they no longer care who fixes it - Democrat or Republican.  Just fix it!  This is where Trump is the master.  He preaches nothing but the positive.  We will be great again.  He'll do it. People love it.  Some of his ideas are more to the left, some more to the right and all likely to change as will the circumstances.  The people get it.  The politicians and pundits don't.

I think political ideology is shrinking into the walls of establishment enclaves be they in the media or the halls of Congress.  The people aren't so particular.  Gay marriage is now legal.  Okay. No big deal except for a few on whom the media choose to focus. Cops are under fire because of the lack of balance of those they target.  We get that the field isn't level because those committing the crimes aren't equally dispersed among ethnic backgrounds.  We get it.  The pols and pundits don't seem to.

We don't care if it's Republican policies or Democrat policies that are causing our financial woes. Both are to blame.  We get it.  The pols and pundits don't.

So aha! That's the deal.  We want someone who cares for the country and we who call it home and tells us in no uncertain terms he can fix it. We don't care who he or she is. But Trump has the track record of success.  Who wouldn't want to follow his lead on that basis?

Forget what the party says, listen to us and to borrow from Nike, just do it!

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