Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Thinking...

I ususally love it when  real life gets in the way of my blogging.  The last couple of weeks were just that.  During this time I found out my patience wears ever thinner and my desire to "be involved" has greatly diminished.

So here I am back at the keyboard and reflecting on our current state of affairs.  Not much has changed other than one presidential candidate has formally suspended his candidacy - Rick Perry.  The upcoming debate could do without a lot of the others but alas, they'll be there and get to say little as Trump reigns at the center podium.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, I think he's beginning to unravel.  The insults will be his undoing.  I'm still waiting to see who will emerge.  I think Carson is too low key, Bush too uninspiring and the rest unable to break out which says a lot about them too.  Go Carly!

And of course Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving as is Bernie Sanders for completely different reasons.  If I were Biden I'd say thanks, but no.  Spend your golden years with Jill and be happy. Are there other Democrats running?  If so where the heck are they?

Congress is still a sham.  Neither party is worth a hill of beans.  The rest of the country muddles on as best they can not yet rising up against the ineffectual but the time is getting close.

Actually the country is running amok.  More campus shootings.  The head of Black Lives Matter is white.  Rachael Dolezal, the black/white or white/black is pregnant and unmarried.  The holier than thou Kim Davis is how many times divorced and has how many out of wedlock children yet screams for her religious principles when it comes to gays.

Hub and I went out to dinner for our anniversary Saturday night.  It was reputed to be a fairly nice restaurant.  So why was I disgusted to see men at the tables in muscle shirts and shorts?  My dearly departed mother would have said my reaction was due to a standard of living.  Hub and I cling to that.  It's easier than admitting we're dinosaurs.

Everything is so different these days.  Standards have changed to the point of there being no such thing.  Standards.  Political.  None.  Personal.  None.

So here I am, just thinking.  I don't fit in this world any more. I'm in no hurry to leave it, that's for sure, but I'm more content now to sit on the outside just observing rather than trying to make a statement of change. Just watch and wonder about this new normal and if there is a pendulum attached that will one day swing back.  I doubt it.  We only dwell in the past when we can celebrate our victimization by it.  Never on the good that was.  Or the standards we upheld.

Sigh,  The good old days.  There were so many.  Now I'm just thinking I'll be content if I can just dwell in my own past and relish the good time that it was.

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