Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Take

I'll admit I didn't watch the debate from beginning to end.  Hub kept switching to reruns of M*A*S*H.  But I saw enough to form an opinion independent from what FOX told me I should think after the fact.

It is said Trump won with Carly a close second. I don't think Trump won.  It was the same old self  aggrandizing hype with no specifics and way too  much mugging.  His attempts at covering up past gaffes were embarrassing in their lack of sincerity.

In some instances I though Carly was strong.  Especially on our military needs looking forward and her poignant response about the hidden evils of marijuana.  It's tough being the only woman on a stage full of men, all able to out shout you by virtue of the tenor of their voices!

Stronger, I thought, were both Rubio and Christie.  Ben Carson was so low key as to almost get lost. Kastich was his usual pragmatic self.  He may be the sleeper in the group if you lean toward one who is basically a career politician.

I may not be giving the remaining candidates a fair shake because I didn't see enough of them when they had a chance to speak. I heard little from Cruz other than his usual defiance of just about everything.  Rand Paul's ideas are far different than my view of things, especially on drugs.  I feel Huckabee is wrong about Kim Davis deserving special considerations due to her religious beliefs.  That's a slippery slope that has already gone too far.

Walker and Bush?  Bush just doesn't inspire me nor does Walker.  That's just personal taste.

One thing I did notice though is each spoke with a degree of passion only on their achievements as narrow as some may be.  It made them appear one dimensional. The question is what strength do they have beyond that one?   Questions about what their code name would be or who should be pictured on our currency add nothing to the debate.

Hopefully next go round it will be a tighter field and the questions designed to draw out candidate positions rather than the moderator's Q ratings. It isn't about them!

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