Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Pain Of Change

I was so glad to learn Carly Fiorina's people shamed CNN into changing the debate participant rules.  Why is it the Republicans are trying so hard to marginalize her while the Dems cling so desperately to Hillary? The two couldn't be more different in both experience and character!  It seems to me the clamor for a female candidate is focused on the wrong woman.  But then the Dems have long had the women's vote and the stuffy old Republicans just don't get it.  A bit chauvinistic are they?

Have you noticed that much of what Obama is  expostulating on now has only two alternatives? His way or total disaster.  His nuc agreement or war.  His climate change mandates or the world is going to disappear in a horrible, tortuous, painful expulsion from the universe.  Sheesh! What's going to be horrible, tortuous and painful are his last months in office.  That and watching Congress continue to malfunction.

The war on police. Wow.  We have a friend whose son is a beat cop in D.C. He tells his dad that all the cops get insulted, threatened and spit upon no matter their ethnicity.  Nothing like equal opportunity thugs. We need more men like Milwaukee police chief David Clark at the helm of departments across the land.  Men who see it as it is and aren't afraid to say so.  I worry about him though.  I'm sure he's a target.

I'm wondering if politics will get back to "normal" or if we're seeing the beginnings of a "new normal" that is positive for a change.  I don't think Trump will get the nomination but I'm willing to bet it won't be a old school politician, even a young one.  Fortunately people are beginning to have their voices heard and the astute have picked up on it. It just so happens the most flamboyant of them has taken the lead.  I'm still watching Florina, Carson, Cruz and Kasich to be the wild cards that become mainstream before it's all over.

Maybe Bush should let it go.  He strikes me as a man who doesn't have his heart in it but is doing so because he's been pushed and doesn't want to disappoint.  Well, he is disappointing and hardly inspirational.  Warm and cuddly and loving isn't necessarily inspirational. It is, however, a bit cloying.

So here we are.  Back to what this blog used to be all about.  Just musing.

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