Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birth Right, Squeaky Wheel Or Universal Apathy

The coronation is back on.  The only viable, though mostly invisible, challenger to Hillary has departed the race.  Jim Webb, disgusted with the way the debate was held has said to heck with it. There is no way to get a fair hearing.

Much the same can be said for the Republican debacle.  The only way for a candidate to get any press time is to be in a squabble with Trump.

This is one hell of a way to choose a President when the entire world is in turmoil and Islamist extremists, no matter to which wing they belong, are making inroads into the west with fearsome speed and effectiveness.

So what to do?  Hope that the American voter actually starts to take notice?  Not that it will do much good.  So far all you hear if you hear anything is the same old pat answers to the same old pat questions.

Hillary has moved left to contend with Sanders and between the both of them we'll end up with all our earnings going directly to the government which will then dole out our allowance depending on what we do to earn it - or not.  Equality at all costs you know.

The Republican side seems frozen in time. Little of substance is being said, even less is being heard. Will anything change this?  It doesn't look like Trump is going to fade anytime soon.  Carson is maintaining his place in the polls, such as they are, because people like him.  Not necessarily because people would vote for him. Carly is fading yet of the outsiders has the best experience to actually lead the country.  That she is a woman, though certainly not in the same vein as Hillary, doesn't seem to matter or is a negative from the Republican point of view.

Other candidates are just as capable but who would know? John Kasich is probably the most well rounded.  Rubio is great on foreign policy.  The others have their strong points but seem not to be multi-dimensional. Will the media, however, give any of them a hearing?  When?

Okay.  Most probably all is lost for the remainder of the year.  Unless Hillary's testimony Thursday in front of the Benghazi committee produces some bombshell truths I expect all will go quietly into the holidays.  Thanksgiving comes fast after Halloween then Christmas for those of us who still use the word.

Maybe after the first of the year when football has wound down and the February doldrums set in, those candidates who still have money and are still in the race will begin to be heard.  One can hope.

Meanwhile I've been wracking my brain to come up with something about which to write. So far so little. Not to worry though. The horror which is the middle east will continue to worsen.  The war on police is sure to continue and of course, with political correctness running rampant, Christmas is sure to spark controversy.

All I can do is watch and wait. The political class is the gift that keeps on giving. You know, I'm not so big on gifts these days. Not even with Christmas coming.

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