Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paul Ryan Needs Friends ~ Not Republicans

Paul Ryan should stick to his guns and decline the House speakership.  He's one of the few bright spots the republican party has.  It's certainly not Jim Jordan, leader of the House Freedom Caucus who are as sure they have the only answers as is the President and oh, so many others.

You talk about a circular firing squad.  These guys look in the mirror, see only their the self righteous image they have of themselves without recognizing that every one of their compatriots are seeing the same thing.

When Jordan states he and his cohorts were sent to Washington to change the way it works he seems to think that with those votes comes omnipotent wisdom. He's wrong.

Paul Ryan has ambitions.  I'm not a huge fan of career politicians but if we are to be so cursed, Ryan is one I could live with.  He's barely acceptable to the Freedom Caucus guys and to me that's a plus, but to give up his aspirations for them would be crazy.  They'll turn on him the minute he goes against something they badly want.

The Party as a whole got themselves into this mess.  They have no right to beg one of their best to take the fall for them.  The Freedom Caucus wants Dan Webster.  Fine.  See if they can get the votes for him and see how he does.  I expect he'll fail miserably because he will have but one small group of obstructionists supporting him through thick and thin.  He'll win nothing.

Then too their is the Senate to contend with.  They too are in a state of disarray but not getting the press for the moment.  I'm all for new leadership in both houses and both parties but now is not the time to bully one of your best to knowingly put his career at risk.  How self serving can the party get?  Who cares if they need a sacrificial lamb.  Well, I care.  We should all care.

He should either get a signed letter of resignation from each house member, date to be added, and let them know he'll use it if they don't back the party or just let them stew in their own juices and suffer with the consequences with an inconsequential leader who has nothing at stake and nothing to lose.

Follow your instincts Mr. Ryan.  Don't cave to pressure from the self-serving.

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