Friday, October 30, 2015

The War Over Washington

Our country in now in another civil war - and I'm loving it!  It's the establishment against the outsiders.

So who is who?  The establishment is comprised of all the business as usual types beholden to one another in a very intricate web.  Politicians, lobbyists, special interests and the liberal media.

The outsiders are like you and me.  Those of us who are willing to look at the whole country and those who control it with  perspective that only comes from outside the political ranks.  And those of us, yes us, who have stepped up to the plate to run for office - for President.

Both parties, I'm hoping, are beginning to realize their insular days are numbered.  The people now have people in places that will make our voices heard.  Take the debates as an example.  If it weren't for Trump and Carson, the ultimate outsiders, and a few mavericks they would continue to be the anemic productions of the past because of the  obvious bias of the moderators.

Carson and Trump said,"Enough.  No more."  Cruz flattened them.  It was deserved and far overdue.  Paul Ryan is now Speaker of the House.  A young man.  New blood.  A chance to start anew.

Yes, I know this is probably over optimistic, but there is a war going on.  Not just for the heart and soul of the Republican party but for the heart and soul of what is supposed to be America.

I'm not a fan of the Freedom caucus but I like Jim Jordan.  Maybe obstinacy is what's needed to be heard.  Hopefully he and his group will give Paul Ryan a fair chance and they can all learn the value of compromise.

The same goes for the Democrats.  Maybe they will come to see that Hillary Clinton does not deserve their lock step loyalty.  Again I'm probably whistling through the grave yard and it will probably be the independents who sway the election.

At least there is movement and while still contentious it's movement in the right direction.  I'll concede the Democratic nomination to Hillary grudgingly.  Those who I hoped to run didn't even limp.

On the Republican side it's still a huge chess game.  Many, starting with Pataki, Graham, Jindal and Santorum should bow out and save their supporters their money.  The first tier also has a few who should recognize the handwriting on the wall and follow Paul Walker's lead but then political egos are what they are and it will take some time.

Never-the-less, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic that the tone is beginning to change. And I thank the outsiders for being the much needed catalyst.  May they stay their course.

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