Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's TimeTo Get Serious

Have any of you done something in your past about which you have since had a change of heart?  And actually said so?  If you have, by today's standards you cannot run for President.  You aren't allowed to change your mind.  Or state the reason for your original stand.  Unless of course you're a Democrat where the same thing is called "evolving".  Like in Gay marriage.

The point?  That's what I'm getting from the Republican slug fests they call debates.  I've probably watched the last one for this election cycle.  I can't take any more of the mugging Trump ego nor the lack of substance from any of the candidates.  I know.  Go to their web page and read their policy statements.  Only we geeks are likely to do that.  Most will vote on the impressions the candidates give on television both in live interviews, such as they are, and ads attacking their opponents.

No wonder the country is in such a mess.  At the moment there is not a Republican I can feel comfortable with.  I certainly cannot vote for Hillary. So what to do?  I DO want to vote.

Fortunately there is still time for it to sort itself out.  One thing that would help is for those who have no chance to drop out.  Hoping for a victory on down the line after South Carolina is unlikely and unrealistic.  Let those who like you for whatever reason move on to support a more viable candidate.

Will Trump persevere?  Personally I don't think so.  Nothing new here.  Like me,isn't there a block of voters beginning to say, "Yeah, we like the way he kicks butt, but get real.  He hasn't the temperament to be President."  Who should move up?  Who knows.  This silly season is more silly than anything I've ever seen.  It's worrisome because the world is in such chaos.  I just can't get my head around the idea that an egotistical, bellowing bully is the answer to our problems what's more the world's!

Now for my daily smack down of the media.  Give the other candidates some air time.  The Trump show is in re-runs and it's getting boring. Every network has reporters travelling with the candidates.  Let's hear from them. DO some work.  How many show up at town halls and rallies for, let's say Rick Santorum.  Why?  Does he have anything to say?  You'd never know it from the media.

The rest really remains with the voters doesn't it. We're the ones who have to sort through all the nonsense and try to make an intelligent decision. It hasn't been easy up to this point because of the inter-party squabbling.  There are times when I think when the candidates get together they are as dysfunctional as Congress.

Can we not do better?

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Betty said...

Trump has always been a media darling. They love him. I wonder if they would love him as President. I have an idea that Trump and Cruz have some sort of deal between them. They are just too nice to each other. Makes me wonder if they are working on a scenario where one becomes President and the other becomes Vice President. Of course, I can't really see Trump taking a back seat, but apparently, he doesn't think he will have to.