Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Elder Abuse Of A Sort?

The last time I had a doctor's appointment, just a week or so ago, I was asked to come in early to do some paper work.  I figured it was the routine they do every year about making sure you address is the same as before, insurance, phone number - all that stuff.

But no.  It was four pages from medicare they were obliged to ask me to fill  out.  I raised a skeptical eyebrow as I read some of the questions like am I depressed, do I feel like taking my own life, and some that got really intrusive. Besides it was about the moment, short term, and I'm told it may happen every time I go in.  Why?

The gal at the desk was watching me.  "You can decline," she said. "Just write declined on each page."  I did just that.

Then when talking with the nurse who I know well enough and have a good relationship with asked me some really personal questions that I would have discussed with my doctor if I was so afflicted with symptoms or a condition.  Again I was told Medicare had directed them to ask.

It was government interference to the nth degree and I wasn't about to leave a signed paper trail for which who knows who would have access.  Big brotherism gone amok.

Now I see where in Obama's rush to inflict more gun restrictions, the people on Social Security may be prevented from buying a gun if incapable of handling their own finances.

I'm trying to connect the dots here.  First, at my age or minus ten years, if I'm going to have a gun I most likely already do. As far as finances are concerned I've had a lot of acquaintances far younger who "Could be in the club but couldn't be treasurer" because of their mathematical ineptitude. So nix that as a measure.

 Other boiler plate includes, subnormal intelligence or mental illness. Are we Social Security recipients the only ones with these maladies?  I haven't seen a senior citizen as a mass murderer of late, have you?

Incompetency, an unspecified condition or disease rounds out the qualifiers.  As determined by who?  The kids who want to rush us to an early grave?  Maybe the doctor who hasn't the heart to tell us he doesn't want us as a patient any more because Medicare doesn't reimburse enough to make us worthwhile?

Beware, its in the "mental health"  part of his latest executive over reach.

It's bad enough getting old and losing abilities like a slow dripping faucet.  I don't need the government sticking it's nose in my business, especially between me and my doctor, looking for information for what purpose?  So they, who one day will be in the same boat but aren't yet, can impose what they think is best for us?  Of course all those government types are well taken care of on our dollar so why should I expect understanding whats more common sense.

It isn't just about who can and who cannot buy a gun or who or who doesn't have to fill out mindless forms that will end up in the cloud waiting to be hacked.  It's about government sticking it's nose into every aspect of our lives whether or not we want it or need it but had best toe the mark or suffer the consequences.

It's going to be a very long year.


Betty said...

I was in my doctor's office recently, and wasn't asked to fill out any new forms. If I were you, I'd check with Medicare and see what's what. I'm not doubting what your doctor told you, but it seems odd that Medicare would go to the trouble and expense of presenting those forms and then just say, "Oh, you can decline if you want to." Just sayin'.

Word Tosser said...

When Ken went in at the top of the year to do his annual check up.. same thing happen to him..but it wasn't medicare as he is pre-medicare... it also asked if he own guns.. and also asked about something to with how often had sex... as I was walking him thru these questions as I was filling them out and he was telling me the answer... when it got to those two... he told me to write down.. NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.. I looked at him.. and he said..write it.. or I will. so I did.. also some of the questions you had.. I put down... n.a. as it had nothing to do with his check up and that is why he was there... He remarked to the Dr. later that he was not happy with the questions.. and the dr. said they had to ask, new forms.. and Ken said.. well, I figured .. I didn't have to answer and told the wife to write down none of their business... the dr. said..that works for me.