Friday, January 22, 2016

Trump Appeal. Are They Beginning To Get It?

The Washinton Post had an article surmising that the trouble Republicans have with Trump is that he's too moderate. Well, what do you know!

I don't know how often you have to hit these guys over the head to get them to understand it's what the electorate wants.  Maybe it's also dawning on them that truth and enthusiasm count.

Sure he's a character.  But man can he get the crowd going.  Without having to really say much.  Needless to say, that will have to change and he'll have to show he can be statesmen like when called for.  Until then however he's the go to guy for straight talk, albeit his own brand.

I was watching a bit of John Kasich last night and he nearly put me to sleep.  Other than not being an inspirational speaker he shares the same problem that Jeb has.  They are about as establishment as you can get and even though they've done good things in the past, it is the past.  Do accomplishments from 20 years ago really inspire?  It isn't the same world, country nor Congress.

I think the people are saying we want our parties to work together and solve problems; not have it all one way or the other. Who better than Trump?  Of all of them he is most able to negotiate.  Look at the empire he's built with that skill.

What the current administration and Kerry in particular seem to think is that appeasement is synonymous with negotiation.  Wrong.  In a good negotiation both sides get some of what they want but not all.  How much either gets depends on that skill.

I've often stated I don't want this man as President.  I've also admitted maybe we need someone like him. I'm glad there is still some time but what I'm finding is that I'm winnowing candidates at a pretty good clip.

Hillary is no longer inevitable.  Sanders is not electable in the general.  I really believe that unless we as a whole want to look like Greece or any of the other countries who have that form of government.  It would be like you giving all your money to the government and they'll give you back a stipend to live on.  Not my cup of tea.

Obama keeps telling us certain things do not reflect our values.  Not that he can decide mine for me but if in that he's suggesting Hillary does, he's nuts.

Donald likes to talk, Hillary likes to lecture.  A debate between them would be interesting but I'm willing to bet Trump would out talk her.

The next big question is who would each choose for a running mate.  Then which cabinet positions would they eliminate and who would be placed in the ones left.  One thing probably sure is that Hillary would not eliminate any of them.  After all that's what big government is all about.

Trump?  Who knows, so I watch and wait.

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