Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trump - The Face Of What??

According to Pat Buchanan in an interview with  Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post Trump could well be the future of the Republican party.

I don't know whether to quiver in fear or celebrate the thought. My problem is I've never seen Mr. Trump act the way I think a President should act.  I've covered this at length in previous posts.  That being said, there is much about him I rather like. One, he's not exactly a Republican, nor a Democrat but more of a (gasp) centrist.  Could that actually become fashionable again? I really see him as the face of an entirely new party yet to be determined.

I like the fact that he plays no favorites.  True, he is his own favorite. He isn't taking some one else ideas and pretending they're his.  I like that he has brought to the fore that from which the other candidates shy away. He has brought discomfort to the campaign.  Perhaps his New Yawk brashness has allowed this.  That plus his personality.  Everyone else looks like they're no more than new faces running for old positions and the power that comes with them.  No one has any passion. Not that they're given much of a chance to show it except where they are physically, town halls, rallies and the like.

They have been given the chance to shine in the debates but no one has yet discovered how to out Trump Trump.  Jeb Bush comes across as weak and whiny.  He should have listened to his Mother.

Carly, I think, is too low key and while I still have a great deal of respect for her she just isn't catching on.  So much for those who think it's time for a woman in the Presidency. Considering the other choice for that honor is Hillary, I can't help but wonder what her supporters are thinking.

Old news is stale news and so it goes for Huckabee and Santorum.  I think Chris Christie missed his chance last go 'round. Rand Paul had best secure his Senate seat. Rubio seems like a nice young man but he doesn't exude the chops he needs to over come looking so young and in many cases indecisive.

My guess it's only a matter of time until Dr. Carson bows out. Rand Paul's Libertarian bent has run into the need for a very strong military; something that goes against his grain. Kasich seems a bit condescending.  We've one of those in the White House now.

Ted Cruz. He may claim to be an outsider but I don't buy it.  He strikes me as being very expedient in choosing where to say what.  That worries me. He seems like a another new face being an old politician.

Boy, I'm not much of a potential voter am I?  I don't expect to like everything about any one candidate but for now I'm having a difficult time finding anything inspiring about any of them.

There is still time.  I've read Biden has regretted not jumping into the frey. Wouldn't it be something if the Democrats are the ones to have a brokered convention rather than the rumor about the Republicans?

Maybe both should consider that option and each put forward a candidate that can inspire Americans as a whole.  But Sanders and Trump? It would be different. I think I can handle one or the other but, please, not both!

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Word Tosser said...

Carson who? haven't see hid or hair of him since the holidays, is he still out selling his book?