Thursday, February 04, 2016

Cruzin' For A Bruisin'

I've though for some time now that Ted Cruz is the modern day Elmer Gantry.  Full of high minded hypocrisy.  In other words he's not my "second choice" for President and definitely not my first.

I thought the Iowa caucuses were more than enough for my loony tune fix.  I mean, come on, deciding a close election with a coin toss?  Best of six?  And Hillary wins each one?

Oh well, back to Cruz.  I thought he showed bad judgement when he tried to filibuster to defund Obamacare.  shutting down the government really solves nothing. He preached the high moral ground never-the-less.  Now he speaks of what he will do if he becomes President. That's a bit cheeky for a man who is extremely unpopular in his own party. Can he work with Congress?  I have my doubts.

The final nail in the Cruz coffin, though, is his sending out official looking statements telling the recipients if they didn't turn out for a caucus he'd reveal their voting record to the public. The other was his claiming Ben Carson was dropping out and to caucus for him instead.  The end result?  Well he won Iowa but I resent the idea that 180,000 people are going to sway how the rest of us vote.

I heard Ben Carson say there should be consequences for his actions.  Losing would probably be the best. I know how dirty politics can be but for it to start this soon is frightening.  What other stunts are his people harboring?  And how often does an after the fact apology wash?

Next comes New Hampshire.  Marco Rubio is out polling him and Trump retains his lead. What's next?  If the people really want an outsider, it isn't Cruz.  It will be interesting to watch.  Rubio becoming the establishment favorite seems likely because Kasich, Christy and Bush aren't making any headway.  Two of those three will probably be out if they don't do well in New Hampshire.  Bush still has money. Carley Fiorina and Carson will be soon to follow for the same reason.  No one wants to pour money into a losing cause.

That leaves Trump, Rubio and Cruz.  Wow.  What a choice.  And forget the Democratic side.  Cruz may be a dirty player but wait until Hillary starts after Sanders.

It would be great entertainment, watching from the sidelines.  If only it wasn't for President!

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Linda said...

For the first time in my life I don't support any candidate, either side, in this election cycle. I suppose that means rather than voting for a candidate I will hold my nose & vote, telling myself it's actually a vote against the other. Ted Cruz is truly evil.