Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Have We Backed Ourselves Into A Corner?

Is this the best our country can do?  I've been trying to figure out why the better candidates haven't caught on and have already forfeited the game to one of these two?

First I look at Trump.  He says he can be presidential if necessary.  I'd like to see a bit of that decorum before hand.  He isn't a " true conservative" by any stretch of the imagination and to my way of thinking thats a plus.  It comes with being a moderate or a centrist or whatever you want to call it.

There are issues near and dear to the Democrats with which I agree; the same goes with the Republicans.  A leader, a true leader, should bring those sides together even if it means each loses a bit.  It's called negotiating and Trump should be a master of it.  What's a mystery however is whether or not he can actually govern.  There is too much at stake for another amateur in the job.

Hillary is another story.  Let's leave all the pending and past scandles aside.  Other than holding the office of Secretary of State what are her accomplishments? Being strident is not an accomplishment.
I ask, too, whether she has the ability to govern.  I see no indication she'd be willing to compromise on anything. Just besmirch those who don't agree with her.

One more thing about her worries me.  If the reports are true her health needs to be thouroughly vetted, to borrow a political term. The headaches, the falls, the cough and the glasses.   She looks her age and she looks tired and this is only the campaign.  Does she have the stamina to actually hold the office?

Neither of these candidates bring youth and vitality to the fore though Trump wins on that score by the power of his personality.

Those who did bring that youth and vitality have already moved on.  Rubio and Cruz are the same age but Cruz is an unknown element thanks to some serious goof ups already.  Rubio looks young and stiff as a board.  He is so scripted I wonder who will be writing it for him if he's elected.  Some would tell you it would be the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commercee and all the other monied suspects.

I probably pay more attention to foreign policy than a lot of people because as goes the world so go we.  For some reason the cream hasn't risen to the top, it's been filtered out and what we have left is sour.  Just look at them.


Linda said...

Well let's see if we can have a little fun unpacking this post. I've noticed you refer from time to time to Obama as an amateur and in this post say we cannot afford another amateur. With that in mind I would say Rubio for sure is out and probably Cruz as well, although you mention other things that should remove Cruz from consideration. These are the two young amateurs. I would say Trump and Carson should also wear the amateur label. That leaves only Kasich, a governor, with any expierence at all. You mention a true leader should be able to bring the sides together to negotiate even if each side loses a little. I believe if Cruz isn't out for being an amateur your criteria for being a leader for sure removes him from consideration.
That leaves Hillary. I think your assessment of her health may be dated. There was a time while she was Secretary of State that she had some health issues but I don't see evidence of those issues now. I do know one thing, this is a lady has no talent when it comes to hair. She's awful at fixing her own hair. Apparently as Secretary of State a hair dresser did not travel with her. Before her term was over she looked like something the cats drug in. I was worried about her. It's amazing what a little rest, a fresh color treatment and a haircut does for her. I don't see signs of the fatigue you mention other than she is getting older. That's another issue. She and Trump are pushing 70 and Sanders is pushing 75. Is that too old to be a two term president? Besides serving as Secretary of State I seem to recall 8 years as First Lady which has to be an education in itself. Not many women have that opportunity. Then I believe there was about six years as a Senator in there somewhere. You mention the importance of foreign policy in your decision. Like her or hate her Hillary has more foreign policy experience than all the candidates combined. We're hearing a lot about trust being an issue with Hillary. What about Trump and Cruz?
I believe the criteria in this post leaves you with only one candidate, Kasich.

Mari Meehan said...

Looks like I need to start sending you reading material just as you do me. By the way, I hoped from the very beginning Kasich would join the fray though upon watching him I've changed my mind. Also being Secretary of State or first lady doesn't necessarily apply as experience. Show me some accomplishments. My husband was very successful in his field but being married to him doesn't make me capable of doing his job. I will agree with you on bith Cruz and Trump. They both scare the daylights out of me. But then so does Hillary and Sanders. One last thought - foreign policy isn't the only criteria. It just happens to interest me. I think we are looking for verification from different sources which is okay. I'll still disagree with and I'm sure you me. So who has the best hair that isn't enhanced with a wig? It isn't Hillary.