Sunday, February 21, 2016

Talk About Inequality

South Carolina for the Republicans and Nevada for the Democrats has come and gone.  I'm guessing Hillary is taking the stance that a win is a win and Bernie probably feels that collecting delegates will get him something at the convention if not the nomination.

The Republican field has been winnowed but still has a way to go.  Other candidates either not having the funds or the following to go further bow out as it becomes necessary.  How long Carson and Kasich will remain for awhile though I think the window of opportunity for them has been closed.

Jeb Bush threw in the towel last night after not having gained ground in a state where he should have done well.  I almost felt sorry for him - but not quite.  I never thought he wanted to enter the race in the first place and those who poured millions into his campaign chest must be in mourning.

Let's take a look at that campaign chest.  According to an article in the New Yorker his acolytes had raised one hundred million dollars!  That's a lot of money for a losing cause!

I get on this kick every election cycle.  Think of how many student loans that could pay off, or repair infrastructure, or hire teachers, policemen and fire fighters.  Think of many of we seniors could get a Social Security raise.  Then take Bush's purse and add to it the war chests of all the other candidates.

Wow. How many of we folks have dropped out of the work force because there are no jobs.  The economy has yet to rebound unless you believe the skewed figures the government puts out every month. If Hillary and Bernie want to give us everything from universal health care to free education then let the candidates put all their surplus funds into government hands to be distributed equally among we poor folk who watch every cent we spend on life's necessities.

As for where I stand at the moment on those left in the race, I haven't a clue.  I'm not comfortable enough with any of them to lend support. I'm waiting to hear how they propose to institute their grand plans if they have a Congress that opposes them.  Don't tell me executive orders. But I wouldn't doubt some of them would use the device should they feel the need.  Obama has set the precedent.

The next shoe to drop (or not) will be what the FBI decides to do about Hillary and e-mails.  This campaign has become my addiction of choice.  I can't stay away from it.  It's soap opera at it's best.  Too bad it isn't fiction.

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Betty said...

Yes, Jeb Bush had $100 Million to play with, and according to the pundits, he has spent every penny. I agree with you that he just didn't seem to want to run, and I can't help wondering who convinced him to give it a go. I don't think it was his mother.

Forgive me, but Obama hasn't set any kind of precedent with his executive orders. Every president for decades has used them, some more than others. But, what's a president to do when he has a congress determined to undermine and obstruct him? He has to use any tactic available to him.

I'm with you. I hate watching this train wreck, but can't turn away. It's going to be a long, hot summer.