Monday, March 07, 2016

Star Struck

He came, he saw, he conquered!  Yep, ole Trusted came to our burg Saturday and had the citizenry wowed.  It's not uncommon around here for people to be in awe if some "personality" is spotted.  I find it odd since we do have our share of them that visit for at least a short time to enjoy the lake and surroundings.

A lot of politicians pass us by however so perhaps that's why all the hub bub.  The reason is this part of the state is redder than red when it comes to politics.  As Hub says, you could say a tree stump was Republican and it would get elected. In fact I think a few have.  It's definitely an area where the good old boys club reigns supreme.

Back to the purpose of this post.  The organizers secured a building at the fair grounds, expecting to seat around 800 people.  They had that and just as many if not more standing outside in the rain to hear the man.  Talk about political nirvana.

Cruz had just come off his best showings in the primaries leaving poor Marco playing catch up. Where was he?  In Puerto Rico which is okay because he won there.  Now the southern part of the state does better than we do because that's where the largest city is - Boise, the capital, and the largest population base. Cruz headed there  well primed from his local visit. Rubio was scheduled and I think finally made it after a trip to Puerto Rico. It gave him bragging rites for now he had won a whole two contests.

Cruz did bring them out, they came from all over the area and a respectable number from our neighboring states.  Did I go?  No.  following politics as I do I don't need to stand in the rain to hear the same old stump speech. I did watch the coverage of the even and searched the crowd for a familiar face but saw none. I'm not one of the in crowd for sure and don't mingle with the political class so it was no surprise.

What is of concern though is this being star struck.  A reporter asked one of the locals if he thought Cruz would do well here.  Yep.  He sure would.  He took the time to come and address we little people (my paraphrase).  The people sure would reward him with their votes.

Really?  Just because he showed up?  What about his policies, his negatives with a Congress with which he is not held in high regard, plus a lot more I won't take the time to list.  That's not important. He cared enough to show up.  Really?  Maybe it's why political speeches are referred to as "stump" speeches.  It's bound to be elected, especially if it's red wood!


Word Tosser said...

Cruz has been pounding the Spokane channels at least 2 and I think they must have bought channel 6.. as there was over 20 ads yesterday.. and they are hitting the good ole boy subjects with pictures and etc.. him shooting a gun.. bowing head for the religious and pro life subject and then how he is going to make sure that Idaho can take back their land from the Feds. And then tonight I got hit by stay tune for Gov. Christie as he.. (I hung up) but guessing it was about Trump

Betty said...

It doesn't seem to matter to the voters what the candidates believe in this year. I don't know how they're reaching decisions about who to vote for. I give up.