Sunday, April 10, 2016

Political Chaos

I'm sure many of you feel the same as I when watching this election year unfold. List your own adjective.  I have too many.

That being said, I'm wondering about the obvious disconnect between voter frustration and establishment frustration.  Voters want something different than what we now have.  The "establishment" doesn't seem to understand that;  they definitely want something different but it's also different from what we want.

Flawed as they may be, we want one of the candidates for whom we voted.  The establishment wants one of their own. Neither side has come up with anything even close acceptable.  Name calling, insults and out right lies seem to be in vogue so how can any of us believe anything they tell us.  any of them.

The Dems have Hillary and Bernie.  The Republicans have Ted and Trump and a taste of Kasich.  Obviously Kasich isn't going down too well.  We Independents don't have any one.  Do we stay home?  I'm beginning to think so.

I think, too, our political leadership from the local level on up are is of two things.  Mindlessly corrupt or Peter Principled out. Most likely a little of each.

After all, just as it doesn't buy class, money doesn't buy smarts either.  Consider some of the messes politicians get themself into thinking they are above the law. Just look at Hillary.  Being out of office doesn't necessarily protect you either.  Look at Denny Hastert.  Look also at the salaries they draw and the perks they get.  Talk about income inequality!

For how things get skewed just look at state salaries at the state university level.  The Football coach at Washington State makes $2.75 million plus. The newly appointed President makes a mere $625 thousand.  Does he get bonuses?  I doubt it.  He doesn't have his own radio show, or games to win or bowls for which to become eligible.  Nope.  He only has to see that the students he is responsible for get an education and don't get killed by monsters roaming the campus or stupid frat party hijinks.  Which is more important?  If those goals were actually accomplished I'd vote for number 2 but in today's educational climate I'd question it considering the students across the country seem to be running the asylums.

I remind myself of my dearly departed Mother who knew she couldn't change things but always wanted to know what was going on.  On the other hand maybe ignorance is bliss.

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