Monday, May 09, 2016

Time Flies Yet Stands Still

Most of the time I've been away you could have found me, along with Hub, any where from New Mexico to Colorado tramping around and photographing rock art sites.

There is a lot about this pursuit we enjoy along with the ancient symbolism.  It's the serenity of the sites, the quiet disturbed by little more than the birds and the wind. As you look at the images you can't help but feel the presence of those who pecked them into the the rock.  What were they saying?  One can only imagine because there is no definitive "dictionary" though even among the many peoples who pass a certain point there is always a similarity to the marks they left behind.

I wonder if in some context future generations, far future, will be as puzzled at what we leave behind. Heaven knows we can't even define what we have today compared to a generation or two ago.  Revisionist history and political correctness has made sure of that.

It tightens even more as we look at the current political situation.  What seems perfectly clear to me isn't to the powers that be.  The Conservative movement believes it owns the Republican brand.  It doesn't and they can't see it.

The Conservatives believe every one must think as they do and when a candidate dares to run under their banner and speaks to the people in terms they understand he is to be shunned because he is not a purist.  It never occurs to them that the people don't want a purist.  They want a leader who they think can and will get things done to make their lives better.  Is it a sham on the part of the candidate?  Perhaps, but no more so than promising time after time and never delivering because it might upset political apple carts.

I won't get into the Democrats but the story is much the same. Perhaps the lack of a "Rosetta Stone" is a blessing.  It might show that our earliest ancestors were as dysfunctional as we are today.  I personally believe they were too busy just trying to survive the rigors of primitive life.  They didn't have the time to rewrite their history to change facts nor isolate their children from responsibility.  If we did today what they did to put a roof over their heads and food on their tables perhaps we'd appreciate history rather than trying to repel it.

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