Friday, May 27, 2016

Who'd Have Thunk It?

Well, he'd not be my first choice but since I cannot bring myself to vote for Hillary I guess I either do vote for him or don't vote.

Just to make it clear I can't bring myself to vote for Bernie either or especially for Joe Biden if he's parachuted in if Hillary has to bow out.  Which may well happen.

I keep hearing everyone of FOX shill for this guy to the point it's nauseating.  Well, they've got him.  Now what?

I know most of us want something other than the norm.  I've long thought a business approach would be the way to govern this day and age.  Trump is a business man to be sure.  And a very successful one.  He'll bring those skills to the job. I can only hope, if he's elected, he brings in people who are experts in the fields which they are to oversee.

I worry about rumors.  Like Sarah Palin for Vice President.  hat I should think would blow it for him and the Republicans.  He has good advisers.  I wonder how their livers are holding out after a day of offering him advice?  I have trouble just listening to him.

So there are still  a few things to watch until this season has its finale.  Will Hillary prevail?  Will Bernie's supporters rebel?  Will Trump finally begin to act "presidential"?  Will his choices for VP and cabinet positions be what the country needs?

It's an interesting trip.  If it weren't so filled with angst I'd be posting a whole lot more!

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Word Tosser said...

there is always NONE OF ABOVE... it will be interesting to see what a business person could do.. wish it was someone I had more respect for.. while we do get to know who the VP is going to be, before the election... I wish we could know who the cabinet people are going to be as well. Part of me wants to say.. they deserve what they pick.. but it also louses up our lives (no matter who wins of these 3) too.