Tuesday, June 07, 2016


I've picked up the bad habit of watching FOX News in the late afternoon.  Bret Baier I like.  Then comes either Greta or Lou Dobbs on their financial channel.  I usually surf between them until I can no longer stand either.  Greta's voice drives me up the wall as does Dobb's pomposity.  I do however like some of their guests. A few.  Very few.

What really gets me, though, is how supposedly intelligent people can say, day in and day out,  how brilliant Donald Trump is, how every mean spirited gaff he makes is strategically planned.  He's brilliant I say, brilliant!

Bull.  I don't often agree with Hillary but when she said he has extremely thin skin she's so right. I am so tired of his attacks on others being justified because they didn't treat him fairly.  Poor dear.

So he made it big in commercial real estate in rough and tumble New York.  Good for him.  That doesn't give him liscense to behave like a spoiled child then expect everyone within shouting distance to tell him how great he is.  We already have a narcissist in the White House.  Do we really want another?  Actually we haven't much choice because Hillary is one too.  But Trump. Heaven help us.

There is nothing wrong with Republicans expecting him to act with some degree of decorum.  Maybe the rank and file love him but the world outside our borders don't find him amusing.  Nor do adults of any ilk who are expected to act like adults and could neve get away with his shenanigans.  Or maybe it's just expected that a presidential nominee would act within the realm of maturity and have some manners.

Times they are a changin'.  Too bad it isn't for the better. 

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Word Tosser said...

it is like Murphy's law.. just when you think it can't get any worse..
it does.. I don't know if I just want to walk away from the whole mess.. or hurry up and get to Nov and get it over with