Sunday, June 19, 2016

Just Wondering

I've pretty much retired from political commentary but on occasion I just have to chime in.  All those who have demanded "change" from the status quo of government should have been more careful about what they wished for.

I agree changes need to be made in both parties but gee whiz folks, this?  We're either going to get Hillary who's credentials are slight and character even more so. Or Trump.  Who has no credentials nor character.  At least not the kind I'd like to see in our president.

So what happens now?  The Republicans never took Trump seriously and now are running scared he might upset their cushy apple cart.  But the people want him.  But do they?  Only 10% of eligible voters even voted in the primaries; divide that among all the candidates  proportionally and he got far less than that.  Yet those votes have given us Trump as the nominee.  It's unsettling.

It's hard to believe any one could have worse negatives than Hillary but Trump does.  In spades. So I'm wondering what he's going to do when he realizes he's likely to lose and lose big.  He doesn't like to lose.  Will he drop out citing the unfairness of it all?  Then what will the Republicans do for a candidate?  I've heard no viable names put forward,  nor can I think of one I would suggest.

So I'm bracing myself for a Hillary presidency.  She doesn't deserve it but the Democrats have no one else either.  The whole mess says a lot about us; how much we haven't cared nor paid attention. We'll pay dearly for it.

Except for a few ramblings like this  on occasion I'm divorcing politics.  Now I have to decide where to go with my blog or if I should just close it down.  Decisions, decisions.

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