Monday, July 25, 2016

Political Chaos Reigns!

I must admit I'm thoroughly enjoying the chaos at the Democrat convention.  Oh, they and their media lemmings were so smug about the chaos at the Republican convention.  And, oh boy, the jokes about e-mails will be running rampant. Pure glee.

Now it would seem they have no more integrity than, if even as much, as the Republicans.  And I can't wait to hear the e-mail jokes that are sure to be running rampant!

It is with some satisfaction I see the Democrat gurus don't get it any more than the Republicans.  They too, are so entrenched with the status quo that the thought of rebellion by their minions never occurred to them.  It only happens in the other party.  Wrong!  Now they're scrambling, in both parties, to figure out what to do to save their own place at the public trough,

That's why we have Donald Trump and had fair been fair might well have had Bernie Sanders.  What is it they don't get?  Obama says everything is peachy keen, not at all like the doomsday scenario being depicted.

Well I have news for Obama.  I don't live in his bubble and I know, not merely perceive, how the people feel.  I know that the unemployment figures are skewed by not counting those who've left the work force because they couldn't get a job that would sustain their families.  That's why welfare roles and food stamps are running so high.

I know salaries have been stagnant and they tell we older folks that we can't have a cost of living adjustment because their is no inflation.  Tell me 70 some odd cents for an ear of corn isn't inflation!  Or nearly $3 per pound for hamburger.  Hamburger!

Maybe things aren't as bad as we think but the perception is that it is.  It's because the media dwells on  what makes ratings.  White/black police conflicts are one.  Mass killings another.  Demonstrations turning violent, another.  What are we supposed to think?  Even our newspapers have fallen down on the job.  Ours, we get two, is predominantly AP stories  right down to the photographs.  Evening news?  Forget it.  If you want detail on a story go to their website. It's ridiculous.

This a small sampling of why Americans are irked.  All that's happening now is that they're voicing it at the conventions. So far I've seen no indication the politicians get it even now.  Except for Trump.  Like him or not, he gets it.

And so do the people who are for him and for Sanders.  Neither is my choice as the best champion to take the fight forward but it's a start.  It's a start.

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