Monday, July 04, 2016

Sons of Liberty - What Manner Of Men?

I watched the last episode of Sons of Liberty last evening, the story of the men who came together to form our country.

In real life they were pretty ordinary looking folk.  Certainly not the good looking actors who portrayed them and in some respects raised them to super hero level.  No, they were men like my husband or father or brother.  But those ordinary men did indeed become super heroes.

I wonder if we shall ever see their kind again.  Oh sure, they are out there.  The military  who are pledged to our country in ways many of the rest of us seem to have forgotten.  Ordinary men from a multitude of backgrounds yet embracing one single vision.  Country. America.  All that it was meant to be.

How is it that out of 350 million people in this country we've chosen the most implausible candidates to choose from to be our President. Yes, the government has lost its focus.  It has become more ideological and party oriented than is acceptable.  Yes, things are not getting done and pettiness and nastiness has risen to new levels. It is painful to witness.

I can understand wanting change.  I do too.  But not the change theses two candidates offer.  Both are narcissistic and mean spirited.  Both exaggerate their accomplishments.  Both are integrity challenged.  Neither has the temperament to lead; only to strut and posture and whine.  Neither has any depth of character.

Why did we choose them?  Any one of the other candidates who ran in the primaries would have been far more acceptable if not exciting. We want change?  Not more of same?  Well, with either of these two you get exactly more of same.  Lying, obfuscating, patronizing empty suits who will do anything to elevate themselves rather than the country.

This isn't independence the way our founding fathers envisioned it.  It certainly isn't liberty. The people we're choosing today couldn't hold a candle to the original sons of liberty.  For that we should be ashamed.

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