Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Boorish Boy From Queens

I've long been wondering if the Republicans could have prevented the mess they're in if they had intervened  with Mr. Trump sooner.

I know Reince Priebus is good at raising money but as the leader of the Republican National Committee he comes across as weak.  At least that's how I see him.  I understand the national committee should be neutral when it comes to their candidates, but in the case of Mr. Trump I think they would have been perfectly justified in sitting him down early on and explaining to him that his insults and name calling aren't the Republican way and if he continues he'd not be welcome as a Republican.

Of course no one expected him to hit the hot buttons he did. Practically to a candidate they all said Trump would not be their nominee.  Wrong.

At first I thought it was sour grapes because they saw business as usual going down the drain because someone had the audacity to tell it like it is. He could be entertaining and he is energetic but that isn't enough. I've listened to his children speak and they are all obviously well educated, articulate and devoted to their father. But the father they know and the candidate we know are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They can't possibly be the same person.  Yet it does help explain why he's on wife number three. How could you live with that personality and stay civilized?

His personal life is beside the point though.  We're not looking for a father image.  It was thought his business acumen was something we've long needed in government. How has he become the success he has with that petty, mean spirited, thin skinned personality? Does he merely bully his opposition into compliance?

All being said and done, I cannot see this man as President of the United States of America. I'd like to believe we still have high enough standards that insulting every and anyone is not the way to the presidency. Do we have a choice?  That's another post, but I've been waiting to hear coherence of thought and have not.  Just bluster.  Nasty name calling.  Conspiracy theories.  Every paranoid nuance wrapped up in one frenetic personality.

Let's run Pence against Kaine.  They may be old school establishment politicians but both seem like decent men. Where were they when we needed them? Standing aside for the lowest common denominator of both parties yet willing to take the number two slot? Why?

It's sad to me that we are showing the soft underbelly of  the country to the world.

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