Thursday, September 29, 2016

Are There Any Political or Media Adults In The Room?

Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if there are any adults in politics and the media.  Now I know that's unfair because there are, though few and far between it would seem.

When the Director of the FBI, as compromised by politics as he is, is warning that within the next two to five years expect a Diaspora of ISIS and that we and the western nations need be prepared. Diaspora  means spreading out from their base which, as we all know, they're already doing.  This is serious stuff and needs to be heard and taken to heart.

So what are our Presidential candidates doing?  Name calling like a couple of 6 year olds.  My apologies to the six year olds.  Now it's an aggrieved ex-Miss Universe who Trump called (gasp) fat.  She in turn is taking on Trump's wife. Does any one really care?

Do we care that he hasn't released his tax records?  Is it worse than Hillary releasing a Classic Comics version of her health records?  She's crooked.  His followers are deplorable. She hasn't the stamina for the job.  He's a mysoginist. On and on it goes to the point I automatically mute the TV whenever either appears.

Then the media.  The stories that go untold or glossed over on the networks and the NBC cable outlets for fear of damaging Hillary become hyperbole on FOX.  

Interestingly it's the candidates themselves that advance this behavior. Why shouldn't their reporting be any less ludicrous than the candidates going after one another.  Policies?  Who's interested in that?

Well, I am.  Not the sweeping pronouncements from Trump nor the ignoring of them by Clinton, but real discussion of exactly what they are, and more importantly, how to implement them.  Especially with a hostile Congress that doesn't appear to be willing to assert themselves in any positive manner.  Allowing individuals to sue foreign governments for crimes against loved ones isn't the way to do it.  Just wait until a group of Iranians or some such decide to sue us for crimes against their people.  This may be the one and only time I agree with Obama.  Bad policy.  Maybe Hillary's lack of policy is better than bad ones.  Right.  

Well, time is getting short.  Every time I think there's hope for a nice dignified fencing match it turns into mud wrestling. Will the dirtiest fighter win? Who knows.  How will we tell the difference?

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Betty said...

Fighting dirty works with voters. The nastier the campaign, the better. If the voters demanded (by their votes) more substantive campaigns, we would have them. I think they'd rather be entertained, and that's no good for the country, no matter which party you belong to.