Thursday, September 08, 2016

Judgement Day Approaches

What do we have left - somewhere around 60 days before our angst will be governed by a whole new set of circumstances. Right now it's will it be Clinton or Trump.  Then it will be what is the new President going to do.

I fear both of them but I think I fear Hillary the most.  I don't like her agenda - too far left for my comfort.  If in fact what she's saying is actually what she will do because she's known to lie. That doesn't add anything to my comfort zone.  Plus the fact her presidency will be all about fulfilling the Clinton's agenda first and foremost.  Being President will just make it easier for them because of the power they will wield.

Trump scares me for entirely different reasons.  The main reason is I'm not convinced he has any real self control nor do I think he takes kindly to advice.  I can understand being politically naive having never before been in politics but refusing to listen to those who have and are willing to help smooth rough edges is probably going to be his final down fall. He's been trying to be sure and is getting better but with him it's always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I do believe Trump is genuinely concerned about our country.  He has a sincerity about him once you get past the bombast.  But he reminds me of me if I were running.  I have a ton of opinions and darn little to back up most of them.  Especially if it meant running the country with all the special interests bombarding  me with their points of view and defenses thereof.  It would be a tremendous amount of information to sort through and make sense of.  I'm surprised and concerned that Trump seems pretty much in the same boat.  Lots of opinions but little to defend them.  The strength of his personality is no substitute for substance.

So this is where I am.  Still watching and waiting with little to add to the dialogue. When one reaches my age you don't tend to wish time away but I will sure be glad when this is over.  At least we'll be able to figure out what we ourselves need to do to carry on our lives.

After all is said and done though I think I'd rather have a President, as inept as Trump may seem, that cares about the country than one who lies with impunity and expects the country to be okay with it.

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Betty said...

He cares about the country, all right. Unfortunately, the country he cares for is Russia. Haven't you been listening?