Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump or Hillary - Grim

"It's no longer what sort of man is Trump but what sort of people are we?"  I read words to that effect on a blog recently. It's a question worth asking but I'd include Hillary in the equation.

To feel the same you probably need to be following the Wikileaks and the tawdry exhortations with equal zeal.

Both candidates are equally repulsive to me though for different reasons. It isn't the tape of Trump's vulgarities alone that make me cringe; it's his constant belittling of any and all who oppose him.  He promises to hit back harder and does. Nasty, mean spirited and vulgar. Can we afford a President who cannot take criticism without insulting he or she who uttered it?

 Can we afford a President who listens to no one because he won the nomination by battering the other candidates on his way to the top and now thinks he knows it all? And I mean battered with comments especially hurtful about McCain and Fiorina and, to lesser degrees, Bush, Carson and eventually all the rest.

Then there's Hillary.  The Wikileaks release of e-mails that circulated among her campaign staff are chilling in their  contempt for the people of this country regardless of their status. To her its all about power and money.  How much money do she and Bill need?  They'll never live long enough to spend it all unless they buy themselves a country.  Maybe that's exactly what they want to do.  The problem is it's OUR country for which they lust.

Never-the-less, one of my greatest fears will come to be.  One of them will be elected.  At the moment I'd be putting my money on Hillary but that can change in a nano second.

I fear too if Hillary has both House and Senate behind her; it will make achieving her goals easy.  Even though divided it's possible the Republicans can thwart at least a few of her grand ideas. If Trump should win I see him running roughshod over everybody.

That brings about another fear.  The rampant use of executive orders by either side.  Obama has set a bad precedent.  Don't expect Hillary or Trump to not take advantage of the door opened for them.

Every evening I sigh "I don't know..." so often Hub is calling me on it.  But I don't know. We'll have one of them.  What kind of people does that make us indeed!

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