Sunday, October 09, 2016

Republicans ~ Pure As The Driven Snow

Oh, such breast beating and nashing of teeth!  My goodness, you'd think Trump actually did shoot someone in the middle of the street.

Never have I seen such shock and indignation over a ten year old tape of lewdness. Yes, he is a Presidential candidate but I'm reflecting on the members of Congress who have done far more than talk dirty.

But not this bunch.  I'm sure they never utter a curse word, call a woman a bitch or wish they could be with her in a far from gentlemanly manner. Or that they would ever say same to a male friend.

The withdrawals of support for Trump by well known Republicans strikes me as being almost as childish as Trump's words.  They've just been waiting for an excuse and they jumped on this so fast it makes my head spin. Oh, those wonderful innocents who have had their sensibilities so offended. Ask John McCain about his first wife and how that marriage broke up.  Then tell me they're all as pure as the driven snow. You're right.  I'm disgusted with the lot of them.

Trump is no angel and he disgusts me too but is he any worse than Anthony Weiner texting pictures of his privates to women? Or those who voted to impeach Bill Clinton while having affairs of their own?  Like former Congressman Gary Condit, who who had an affair with his 23 year old intern who then disappeared, only to be found dead a year later or David Vitter  whose name was found in the address book of the D.C. Madam or Mel Reynolds who engaged in an affair with a 16 year old campaign volunteer? This isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Check it out.  These people have done far more than utter vulgarities about women.  They've walked the walk by engaging sexually with others than their spouses.  Wonderful lot they are.

At this time in world history it would be a shame if the presidency is won by the person who out smears the other.  With merely a month to go I have no hope of tactics changing what's more the character of either candidate but we can at least pay more attention to their policies than their indiscretions. We've certainly turned a blind eye to enough others.

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