Friday, December 30, 2016

Obama ~ One Last Rant

I have never known of a more sore loser than Obama.  He never was a class act from the very beginning.  One hoped he would grow as he got into the job but he never did.

I don't quite understand how his favorables remain so high.  Maybe it's the man rather than the President but how can you really separate the two?  His behavior, as his time in office grows to a close, is not only a thumb in the eye of the President-elect but also the people who put Trump in office,

I don't think most of us who hover closest to centercenter would have chosen Trump but voters obviously didn't have any faith that the other candidates could or would change things. Trump will try, of that I'm sure.  If his manner will breed success I'm doubtful but that being said, people repudiated Obama's policies by electing Trump.

Forget Russia.  Russia did not get Trump elected.  Strategy in the right places along with a weak opponent did.

For Obama to be throwing his weight around now by issuing thousands of new regulations designed to derail the Trump administration before it even gets started is the height of turning a blind eye to the good of the country and the height of ego run amok.

The voters don't like nor want his policies continued.  Yet he hasn't the good grace to retire from office with even a modicum of  dignity.

It has always been about him first and foremost and I fear it always will be.  I, though, will never be able to look at him as a man or former President with anything but disdain for what he has done to this country.

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