Thursday, February 16, 2017

Immigrants ARE Welcome Here

The idea that immigrants are unwelcome in this country is absurd.  That's why I have little patience with this Day Without Immigrants exercise.

If it's still being taught in schools, everyone knows that this country was built by immigrants from day one.  That being said, it is no crime, or shouldn't be, in this time of turmoil, to be sure that the immigrants who do come here have no criminal nor terrorist intent.

The people coming across the Mexican border illegally are committing a criminal act.  That they are searching for a better life should fall upon their country of origin.  It is their responsibility to make conditions in their countries acceptable for their citizens.  It is not our responsibility to serve as an opportune refuge.

You look at the strife under which the refugees from terrorists like ISIS live and you cannot help but feel compassion for them.  We should and do provide refuge for great numbers of these people.  The problem is when they refuse to adapt to our ways and that is the case with many. They are the ones that are noticed because they live in their own enclaves and do not assimilate.  Due to the world climate, right or wrong, that makes them suspect.

The President wanting to stop immigration from certain heavily Muslim countries until we have a mechanism in place to properly vet them is not banning all Muslims by a long shot.  It is a prudent thing to do considering the influence jihadists have over people who come from the same regions where they hold sway.

As for the millions of others, they are subject to the same procedures as any other immigrant wanting to come here.  No more.  No less.

Of course a lot of resentment could be alleviated if the tech firms and others like them would hire Americans for the jobs for which they recruit immigrants.  Why?  For the cost benefit of lower salaries?  Or are they really that much smarter.  If so that presents a whole different problem to address.

Having gotten that off my chest I'm going to head down to a little place I know and chow down on the best Mex in the area.  Owned and operated by Mexicans.  Legal Mexicans.  Living their version  of the American dream.  All good and proper.  What could be better than that?

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