Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Let's ALL Quit Tweeting!!!

Angry birds rule in 140 characters or less!  Maybe it's time for all of us to quit tweeting.  First, 140 characters can rile you but do little to calm you.  They've become so mean spirited and nasty ~ and in many cases vulgar, its hard to read them.

Okay, I'll admit I seldom tweet.  I just don't have a lot of one offs in me.  The only reason I even have an account is because early on I subscribed to everything social media.  Well not everything, but more than enough.

This is not an age thing as I thought it should be.  I say that only because our President isn't a whole lot younger than me.  He is, however, a whole lot more vitriolic.  We knew when he was elected this is what we were getting.  There is always the hope he will grow out of this phase but since he has apparently known no discipline in his life I doubt that will happen.  He is indeed a man/child.

The rest of us, however, could follow suit. We're boycotting everything else, why not Twitter?  Or at least Trump's account.  Let him chirp away but just don't respond to it.  Don't answer, don't comment, don't report on what he's said.  Just ignore it.  It would drive him crazy.  Even more than he already is.  Because he thrives on it.

It might even prove to be a calming mechanism.  It could quiet things down enough that something might actually be accomplished.  Oh my, why do I write stuff like this.  It's all a pipe dream.

This country is for the birds. Their songs are all different and provide nice background that is easily ignored or just plain not heard.  Until they get angry.  Then they get your attention. And now that's all there is.  Angry birds with angry tweets.  No wonder I'm often all a twitter.

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