Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Maybe It Isn't The "Reporters" Faking The News

So Mika Brzezinski thinks it's her job and those like her to control 'exactly what people think'.  Wow! What arrogance!

I have been listening the media cry out about how a free press is necessary.  That's true but they also have an obligation to be unbiased in their reporting.  Many claim to be.  And many are.

I think what has happened with 24 hour news sources is that actual reporting has gotten its lines blurred with commentators.  Brzezinski is a commentator, not a reporter.  What she has to say is opinion and not necessarily fact. Actually most news anchors are no longer reporters.  Or sure, they go off on special assignments but most of the time they are news readers and as such so insinuate their own slant.  It's not just one source, it's all of them.

I think the real reporters, the investigative reporters are too busy trying to do their job to be household names.  It's the commentators/talking heads who we have in our living rooms in the evening and if a cable channel all day too.

They all try to shape our thinking to mesh with their own.  They often shade the truth, or worse, to succeed.  Therefore, depending on who we listen to we need to dig deeper.  That's no easy task these days.  I actually get a more accurate take on what's going on here from the Financial Times of London even with it's liberal slant.  It's a British newspaper and they hate Trump but that's coming from their columnists.  Their news is straightforward.

It has now been said.  Loud and clear.  By an MSNBC personality.   That is telling unto itself.  The goal is to tell us what we should think.  If you think Trump is the stuff dictators are made from ~ think again.

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