Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who IS Your President?

I'm so weary of demonstrations.  I know we have the legal right to protest but I can't help but wonder if the people really know just what it is they're protesting.  Of course they are not the majority but they sure as heck are the squeaky wheel!

I also wonder how many of them actually voted and if they can indeed name the policies of the Trump administration they are so against.  They have demonstrated quite clearly they don't understand, or don't want to understand, the immigration deal.

I don't care for Trump either.   And yes, I did vote.  But neither for Hillary nor Trump.  But now we have Trump and that a segment of the population is against him has been made abundantly clear.  I'm tired of hearing it.  There is no  much noise it's hard to hear what's going on that's really important.

There are signs that Trump isn't all bad.  He has put in place a very strong national security team.  That's an admission on his part that he has no experience in that area.  He has brought in other extremely strong people for his cabinet and the games being played in Congress to drag out confirmation only hurts the country.  These people need to get to work.

People like George Soros and rumored "shadow administrations" fostering unrest, leaking confidential information and funding demonstrations in order to derail the new administration are doing nothing but hurting the country.  There is business to be attended to and delaying it by purposeful disruption is detrimental.

Trump won.  Whether or not you like the way he won doesn't change the fact.  Isn't it time to give him a chance to get his administration together, cement policy and move forward? Quit responding to sound bites, tainted truths and ill will.

Trump is the President.  I am an American.  And trite as it may sound, he therefore is my President.  Period.  He is also the President of all the protesters whether or not they like it.  Period. Get real, settle down and if you're lucky enough to have a job, get back to work. Period.  

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