Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Can My Organization Survive?

I have a dilemma with my film group.  It was first formed as a means for local film professionals to get together and shoot the breeze.  Then the founder got really busy with his own work and turned it over to a member to continue.

It was decided to change the direction of the organization into one that actually made films as a training mechanism, a place to learn and hone skills. As happens in all volunteer organizations people were given responsibilities that weren't fulfilled and in due time the new leader burned out.

A new board was formed to see if one more effort could save it.  This is when I came in.  Before I was merely a friend of a few of the members and was willing to advise but not join.  With the change I decided to give it a try.

So now our dilemma is getting volunteers re-involved.  I've developed a couple of wonderful opportunities and have been forging alliances with other arts organizations to enhance our exposure in the community but a membership used to nothing more than monthly meetings have a rather blank look when asked to get involved.

I think it's time for our president to ask them directly at the next meeting just what it is they expect for their membership dues.  If it were me I'd want more than a monthly meeting where there is nothing more than free coffee and speakers who may or may not be of interest to the group as a whole.

I sure bit off a mouthful.  Now I'm hoping it isn't too much to chew!

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