Saturday, March 25, 2017

His Own Worst Enemy, And Ours

President Trump has been made to look the fool.  So much for "the art of the deal".  Whether either is true is in the eye of the beholder but he didn't help himself for backing a very flawed bill.

One thing they could do now is to have Secretary Price just begin rolling back all those "secretary shalls" that Sebelius put in the original legislation.  I'm not sure why this hasn't been mentioned.

It's funny that the Republican leadership tried to do exactly what the Dems did do - pass it without knowing what was in it.  Those who say the Republicans don't know how to govern have a point. They made a debacle of this.

What worries me most, however, is the man at the top. He doesn't know how to govern either.  I'd like to think any other businessman we might have put in that office would have been a quick study but not so Mr. Trump.  He's bellicose in a controlled way, he thinks procedure doesn't matter, he attacks every and any body who he deems is against him. This is not the stuff of leadership.

He won't stop tweeting using the excuse it's his way of connecting with his base.  But when it's always negative does the base stick with him?  I doubt it.  At least not for long.  Soon they're going to realize they've been duped in their desperation for something other than rule by ideology rather than by the needs of the country.

He was a buffoon when the campaigns started and he remains one. He has appointed some very good people but some of his closest advisers are suspect to say the least.  They have their own agenda  and have found Trump can be manipulated.

I fear he has already become enclosed in the "bubble" that seems to encompass all of Washington. Those in opposition to him will run circles around him because he doesn't know how to combat said opposition.  He's too used to the positive results  for him from bullying and disparaging.

We're in a state of flux these days.  How it will all shake out is any ones guess.  My guess is it will go to those who best play the game.  And right now it's not the Republicans!

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