Sunday, May 14, 2017

If At First You Don't Succeed - Fire Everyone!

Advice for Trump's staff, cabinet and all advisory personnel.  Watch your Twitter accounts - you may get a Tweet telling you you're fired!

According to AXIOS the Donald is frustrated by all his hand chosen sycophants and he's thinking of cleaning house from Priebus to Bannon to Tom Price and Jeff Sessions.  Wow!
If you can't handle the job fire those who can.  Well, that's the Donald.  But what would happen if he actually did?  Who would he get to replace them?  Would any sane person want to work directly for this man?  If the answer is no think of the kind of people who would take the jobs!  Another wow.

Interestingly, Trump's frustration isn't for just one sin.  He's mad if people are too effusive in their praise of him, if they take credit for their own actions, if they fight too much among themselves, anything and everything. Much of it contradictory.  But then that's Trump.

I do agree that the in-fighting needs to stop and he can do it with a few firings to be sure.  There is merit to that idea for a lot of his staffers who he shouldn't have hired in the first place.  Cabinet members are another matter.  Price?  He hasn't done anything in the way of rolling back burdensome regulations that are well within his purview.  Sessions?  He talks the tough talk but will he walk the tough walk?  Yet to be determined.

Beyond that though, how would he get any replacements through Congress?  No matter how qualified  nominees may be you know the Democrats will demagogue them to death.  Republicans cannot be counted on to carry the day due to their own small but influential body of rogues.

So Tweet away Donald, fire all of them!  You could become a President without an administration! How incredible would that be?  Not only an emperor with no clothes but no one to even notice!
Take away the Twitter account on top of it and maybe there would be peace on earth.  Or at least here.

I wonder what kind of president  Mike Pence would make...

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Word Tosser said...

fire them all.... isn't that approaching dictatorship?