Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trump - Time For An Intervention?

Boy, it has been a long time since I've posted a blog.  Life goes on. I'm still having fun hunting rock art and wildlife to photograph.  I'm still knocking myself out trying to maintain our five acres.  I'm no longer working for the Film Alliance.  Today is my birthday.

Things come, things go and if you're busy enough to ignore the news life isn't so bad.  It's that 4 o'clock hour when I'm winding down from whatever the day has brought and I turn on the news that everything starts going down hill.  If only there was actual news from around the world rather than the constant hysteria coming out of Washington it might be worth watching.  But no.

We're into June now.  Trump has been President long enough that news out of Washington should be rather mundane governing stuff.  But no.  It all stems from what Trump has tweeted.  Everything.  Or so it seems.

Let's face it.  Trump is an addict and Twitter is his drug.  Of choice.  No one has forced it on him.  He listens to no one about how damaging it is to everyone who believes in him.  Or believed. Good people are opting out of serving in his administration because it has no clear direction.  It's chaos, careening from one blunder to another. It's always more about him than country. So what would get his attention? What could possibly jar him into maturing and acting like the President of the United States should?

Maybe it's time for his adult children and his wife to have a good old fashioned intervention and let him know in no uncertain terms that if he doesn't change his ways they will walk away from him. In case they are hesitant it's also called tough love! Who does he hold more dear than his family?

Will it happen?  Of course not.  It takes a tremendous amount if fortitude for family to take such an action, even if it's for the benefit of their loved one. It would, however, benefit them too. Maybe, just maybe the end would be they would no longer have to live their lives with a patriarch considered a buffoon. Or the worst President in the history of the country.

Oh, so much is at stake for the entire country.  Of which his family is a part. He needs reminded of that.

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