Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More Than One Man/Child

Last evening I got to thinking that, despite media reports to the contrary, Congress actually is working.  Well, sort of.  They fall short at the last minute.

That Republicans finally have the courage to step up and refuse to vote for a bill they feel does not sufficiently address the needs of their states and constituents is great.  Hooray for them!  The other part of the equation, however, is compromise.

The word is in neither party's vocabulary.

That's where the man/child, or woman/child if you please, analogy comes in. Everyone seems intent on pouncing on every utterance out of the Trump Twitter account, and in most cases rightfully so.  But are these Congressional blowhards any different?  The Democrats refusing to involve themselves be the reasoning right, wrong or indifferent?  What's more childish than marching in lock step  for a bad idea?

Then there are the Republicans who cannot sit down together and work out a bill.  First they're addressing the wrong issue.  The issue is health insurance not health care.  There is a huge difference and I see far too many legislators seeming not to get it. But then they seem not to get a great deal.

If only their actions would only affect themselves but ironically and sadly they are the least affected.

Headlines this morning indicate John McCain's recent bazaar behavior may have been caused by the blood clot behind his eye.  Perhaps it's time for everyone in government from the President on down to have a brain scan to see what sort of intelligence hindering growth may be hiding within.

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