Friday, August 18, 2017

Land That I Love - What Happened To It?

Okay.  I'm old.  I'm also tired and angry.  And frustrated because I don't know what to do about it.

I cannot escape the news. Unless I plug my ears and wear blinders so I can't read.  But then what would I do while drinking my morning coffee if not read the paper?

I know all the problems just as you do.  The question is what can we do about them?  The "misbehavers" are getting all the press so if there is a voice of reason out there it's getting drowned out.  Our President is no help. He has his foot in his mouth more often than not.

How such a man was able to create the cabinet he has is beyond me.  It is one of the strogest in years.  Not perfect but strong. I'd like to think they are quietly doing their job even though they are understaffed because of another Presidential misguided notion about the size of gevernment.  Too big?  Yes. But these people do need qualified staff to work with and they're not getting it.

Those misguided notions are a large part of why things are continuing to run amok. No one is all knowing and especially this President.  As a result those who would disrupt, no matter how flawed their reasoning, feel free to do so at will.

I don't understand the hate.  Is it the fault of our universities as some say?  In part.  But before young people ever reach university age, what are they being taught and who is doing the teaching?  Are teachers at fault?  Are parents at fault? It would seem everyone owns a piece of the pie.

As we of a certain age know it has gotten out of control.  How does it get fixed?  Candlelight vigils don't fix things.  Violent demonstrations don't fix things.  We seniors writing about it doesn't.  Who listens to us?

Maybe it's time we seniors quit stewing and get politically active as a block and vet candidates who will do something other than preen for the cameras.  We have a few but no where near enough. Power in numbers and organization.  That's what all the squeaky wheels have.

I don't know.  Anyone game?  Anyone have any ideas?  Can we elders fix it? We at least know our history and respect it.


Word Tosser said...

what happen to check and balances? we have this so called President who seems to think he is the dictator of this country..(if Congress doesn't pay for the wall, then I will shut the government down?) and what happen to Congress.. a gutless bunch.. are they afraid to speak up? where is their back bone? Some of them sure knew how to get out there and stop Obama from doing anything.. of course then they didn't do anything either. All I know, it is frustrating..

Jean R. said...

I agree it's time we seniors get more vocal!

Mari Meehan said...

Jean R. I've followed your link to Google+ and your blogs. I'd love to discuss this further offline if you're interested. I have a few ideas to float. Are you on Facebook or Messenger?

I gave up Google+ because I was being followed by too many strange people who looked absolutely okay on first impression - men. Lol. Even though I'm very happily married.

Anyway, hope to hear back from you. or or Facebook or messenger.